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Enchanted Elegance: Full Mold Crepe Dress

Enchanted Elegance: Full Mold Crepe Dress

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Discover the allure of the Enchanted Elegance Full Mold Crepe Dress. With a length of 160 cm and a stunning crepe fabric, this dress embodies timeless sophistication. The back zipper detail and pen form ensure comfort, while the tippet adds a touch of grace. With the back extended by +20 cm, drapes on the front, and feathers fixed on the cuffs, it's a masterpiece of design. Suitable for weddings, parties, and special gatherings, it's available in sizes 36 to 46. Choose from a palette of rich colors, including Saxe blue, red, ecru, black, emerald, navy blue, beige, and oil green.

Feature Details
Product Title Enchanted Elegance: Full Mold Crepe Dress
Length 160 cm
Fabric Crepe
Back Zipper Detail Yes
Pen Form Yes
Tippet Yes
Back Length Extension +20 cm
Drapes on Front Yes
Fixed Feathers on Cuffs Yes
Available Sizes 36-38-40-42-44-46
Available Colors Saxe Blue, Red, Ecru, Black, Emerald, Navy Blue, Beige, Oil Green
Occasions Wedding, Party, Special Gatherings
Modesty Full Cover, Modest Design


Experience the enchantment of the Enchanted Elegance Crepe Dress. With its exquisite crepe fabric and thoughtful details like drapes and fixed feathers, it's perfect for weddings, parties, and special gatherings. The extended back, back zipper detail, and pen form ensure both style and comfort. Choose from an array of rich colors, each embodying a unique charm. Elevate your elegance with the Enchanted Elegance.

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