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Graceful Anthracite Satin Modest Dress with Chiffon Cape

Graceful Anthracite Satin Modest Dress with Chiffon Cape

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Embrace elegance with our Anthracite Satin Modest Dress featuring a flowing chiffon cape. With a length of 155 cm, this narrow-fit dress is perfect for weddings, parties, and gatherings. Crafted from luxurious satin, it boasts a back zipper detail and an A-cut design for a flattering silhouette. The round collar adds a touch of sophistication. Beads are meticulously stitched, not glued. The chiffon cape gracefully drapes down the shoulder, creating an enchanting effect. Available in sizes 38 to 44 and colors of anthracite, indigo, emerald, and beige.

Feature Details
Product Title Anthracite Satin Modest Dress with Chiffon Cape
Length 155 cm
Fabric Satin
Back Zipper Detail Yes
A-Cut Design Yes
Beads Gluing Not Glued
Round Collar Yes
Chiffon Cape Detail Yes (Shoulder Drape)
Available Sizes 38-40-42-44
Available Colors Anthracite, Indigo, Emerald, Beige
Occasions Wedding, Party, Gathering
Modesty Full Cover, Modest Design


Elevate your elegance with the Anthracite Satin Modest Dress, accompanied by a captivating chiffon cape. Discover the perfect fit and color to express your style with grace and sophistication on special occasions.

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